Lets do beautiful Cat Eye Make-Up

A Beautiful Cat Eye Make-up is a Universal eye makeup that you can ever get.Its the most amazing looking eye that attracts everybody around you.It gives you an eye lift and inaugurates the eye.

“So Lets do beautiful Cat Eye Makeup”

Step By Step:

It’s a step by step process.You have to start from the inner corner of your eye.Then drag your pencil along the lash line going straight and just following the lash line.The easiest way to do this is to look in the mirror and put a point.Begin to lift and follow the point and then you can fill the eye.Now again follow pencil below the line and bring a soft look.Do the same procedure with the other eye.
beautiful Cat Eye Make-Up
After completing it, apply a dark and thick mascara on your eyelashes.Its the key component to make your eyes stand out for CATTY LOOK.It doesn’t only makes your lashes darker but also adds volume and length.It eventually brings your eyes more shimmer with a CATTY LOOK.

beautiful Cat Eye Make-Up
With a perfect powder brush, contour your face.Contouring and highlighting go together like chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream.For a beautiful Cat Eye we need to make a face also glowing.
We will use matte powder that’s two shades darker than our skin tone to shade areas like forehead, chin, nose and cheekbones.Contouring tutorial is also available here.
Highlighting will offset the contouring by accentuating areas of our face with a light concealer.For a proper highlighting we will use a concealer.concealer will be two shades lighter than our skin tone or a highlighter that flatters our complexion to emphasize the areas of face that naturally catch the light.

beautiful Cat Eye Make-Up
Apply a lip liner on your lips with a flesh tone lip pencil.Use Rimmel Kate moss lasting finish lipstick to ultimately make your look eye-catching.
If you want your eye liner pencil color to long last then you can use an Eye liner to make it darker and long-lasting.
Finally this step by step process makes our eyes to stand out and make our look more and more Beautiful.

This was all about Beautiful Cat Eye Make-Up.

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