Face Mapping:What Your Pimples Say About Your Health

Face Mapping:What Your Pimples Say About Your Health

Argh,you got ugly breakouts or acne that you hate most in the world.You doing everything you scrub ,you wash but these breakout come when you least need them.Your face tell about everything that is going on your body.Breakout don’t show up without any reason.Look carefully where your breakouts appears,there is a face mapping theory  that tells us what is the reason behind your breakouts.

Face Mapping:What Your Pimples Say About Your Health

All of you must heard acne which occurs during teenage 13-18 year of age.Some of you at age 20-25 still wondering why do you keep getting acne,pimples and zest at the same spot.First of all we divided face into 4 sections.

  1. Forehead
  2. Nose
  3. Checks
  4. Mouth & Chin

These sections help you to why acne are accruing at the same spot.


Sometimes you see many of zest on your forehead.They are caused by fungus. Fungus which is not you are thinking off. Fungus is normally present on skin,an on a skull and its over grow due to humidity or stress. It migrate down onto the forehead and along the hairline margin.


  •  All you need to do is wash your hair twice or three times of the week with anti dandruff shampoo.
  • Stay away from taking too much sugar.
  • Stop applying any greasy application .


Next is eyebrows and between the eyebrows. Some people gets deep pimple under the eyebrows or between the eyebrow and that is because of stress and taking too much sugar in their diets.


  • Away from refine foods.


Nose is the most prominent area of your face and this sometimes you see just a general redness. Occasionally this redness spread over your checks and sometimes you get some pimples and zest on your nose. This an entity called rosacea. This cause because acidity in stomach. Rosacea can occur periodically again and again.Its also occur because of taking too much coffee,tea and chocolates.


  • To fix this take a little more precautions.
  • Use a mild face wash.
  • Use a sun screen.
  • Stay away from chocolates,


Sometimes people have a lot of rush on their cheeks. Small deep dots they are getting and that could be a too much sunlight.At the age of 20-22 you have only blackheads and Whitehead,This is because of application of comedogenic creams or makeup which hasn’t agreed with your skin.


  • Just stay away from greasy cosmetics .
  • Creams should be non comedogenic. You do get creams and  cosmetics non comedogenic.


You use anti-bacterial face washes.These anti-bacterial face washes also will help if you have acne around you mouth.The zest coming all around the mouth is called perioral dermatitis. This is because of,some people have oily skin,they apply a lot of greasy products on their face . This will cause of acne around your mouth.


  • Stay away from sugar
  • Stay away so much greasy food and cosmetics

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