how to grow nails faster naturally at home in 1 week

how to grow nails faster naturally at home in 1 weekEvery woman want healthy, long and strong nails, but not everyone can achieve it. There can be some reasons behind this, that’s why your nails are not growing?  May be poor diet, brittle nails, splitting and many others. However there are so many tips are available How to grow your nails naturally at home in 1 week.

 Things to Avoid  

If you want to grow your nails longer, stronger and healthier; You should avoid some things from your life.

  • Stop Biting your Nails
  • Eat healthy food
  • Take proteins
  • Take calcium
  • Adopt proper nail care routine

These few things will help you to grow your nails.

How to grow nails faster naturally at home in 1 week

how to grow nails faster naturally at home in 1 week

Long nails are a dream for some woman’s, but now it is not impossible for you. If you spent a lot of money on acrylic nails  , As you know acrylic nails are expensive and salons charged so much, you should try this one. This tips will promote your nails growth.

Cuticle Massage 

  • Massaging around cuticle improves blood circulation. It accelerating your nail growth.
  • Massage your cuticle once a day before going to bed.
  • This will making your nail grow faster.

Flex those figures

A lot of people knows science fact  that Nails of your dominant hand grow faster. This is because your dominant hand doing most of the work daily, Therefore it has stronger muscles and blood circulation. To make sure your nail growing faster do:

  • Exercise your hand daily a fee times everyday.

Push back the cuticle

  • It is extremely important to keep your cuticle push back while you are grow your nails.
  • The cuticle suck on your nails slow down growth, so keep that area free.
  • This will prevent your nails growing very fast.

No Cuticle Pusher

If you don’t have cuticle pusher, there are so many alternatives.

  • Use a medicine leaf  just use the edge of the medicine leaf to push back your cuticle.
  • You can also use coins, It really helps you to push back your cuticle.

Moisturize the cuticle

  • Apart of keep you cuticle back it is also very important to moisturize your cuticle.
  • For this you can use Cuticle Oil . If you don’t have cuticle oil, you can use lip balm for this.
  • Simply put a Q-Tip into the cuticle oil and apply it on the cuticle.

These are some tips that would help you to grow you nail faster.




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