How to apply Acrylic Nails at Home

How to apply Acrylic Nails at Home? No one like ugly short nails. Every woman wants long beautiful nail but she can’t afford it because, cost that spas and salons will charge too much. So,that she prefer to do Acrylic Nail at home.

How to apply Acrylic Nails at Home well i ‘ll show you that how you can get beautiful Acrylic nails at home in super cheap price. It will take a little time to become a professional in applying acrylic nail art but you heard “Practice make man perfect”.Care your nails is very important.

How can I Apply my Own Acrylic Nails at Home?

Applying first time Acrylic Nails Art would be difficult for you but with passage of time you become professional in it.Applying Acrylic Nails at home is cost-effective way and you can save thousands of rupees.

You should have these products to applying Acrylic Nail Art at home

Products you need:

  • Gel cuticle remover
  • Nail buffer
  • French tips nails (any tips you like)
  • Kiss maximum speed nail gel
  • Clipper
  • Nail dehydrated
  • Acid free primer
  • Acrylic liquid
  • Acrylic Powder
  • Brush
  • Hardener soin durcissant
  • Nyx all over balm

How to apply Acrylic Nails at Home 

I’m going to share you how you do your own Acrylic nails at home with super easy method.I know Acrylic nails are much expensive and everyone couldn’t afford it.So you can save money by doing this at home in no time.

How to apply Acrylic Nails at Home

  • The first step is to prepare your nail for cute acrylic nails this is necessary for acrylic nails or acrylic tips bond properly. Take gel cuticle remover and put it onto the nails. It helps to remove cuticle and push them back.
  • Next step to take a buffing block and just eliminate the natural shine of your nails.
  • Pick nail tips of any tips you like. I personally like French acrylic nails .Pick out the French tips that matches your nails.
  • Once you found perfect tips for your nail just gonna pick some nail gel. Kiss nail gel is an amazing.Just take some glue  and put it on the nails.Nail glue just dry so quickly.
  • Take nail clipper and go head and clip off that how long you want.
  • After clipping just file the edges and eliminate the sharp edge of your nails.
  • Now just buff your nail down again. This just help you to long-wear process of your nails.
  • Next just take any nail dehydrate. This will be just help you to remove any kind of excess oil on your nails.So that acrylic will stick to your nails even better .
  • If you want acrylic nails last longer you just take acid-free primer and apply this to your nails.
  • Just pick any kind of acrylic nail liquid and acrylic powder (There are two types of acrylic powder one is in pink and other is in clear.You can pick anyone you like). Pick a glass jar for acrylic liquid and brush too.Deep your nail brush in acrylic liquid and deep your brush into the acrylic powder and just work in small sections.All the layers smooth and even.This step just need practice but once you will get,you feel a proud.
  • Buff your nails again to make your rough nail very smooth.
  • Finish up any nail hardener. This just giving you very nice shine.
  • Apply Nyx balm to cuticle areas. This helps your nails nice and soft.

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