How to apply lipstick like a Pro Step by Step

Now you can apply lipstick like a Professional Makeup Artist . Just follow 4 Easy steps.

How to apply lipstick like a Pro! Step by Step

How to Apply lipstick like a Pro Step By Step

A pro applies lipstick in five basic steps, but putting on lipstick is the very least of it.

Step 1: Remove dead skin from you lips

  • Remove any Rough and loose skin ,Gently go over your lips with  tooth-brush.
  • When you Apply moisturizer to your face, don’t forget to massage a little into your lips.

Step 2: Lip Primer

  • Apply Lip Primer or foundation because it’s a good source of moisturizer.
  • Its help Lipstick to stay Long Lasting.
  • Its prevents color changes during hot weather

Step 3:Lip Liner

  • First Apply lip liner before applying lipstick.
  • Your lip liner should be the exact same color as your lipstick..
  • lip liner  keeps your lipstick from feathering or ‘bleeding’.

Step 4:Apply Lipstick

  • Your lipstick should cover your lip liner.
  • Apply lipstick with a lip brush because it gives a more even and accurate application.

Hope you find it useful .Watch this tutorial for more Information 

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