How to Contour and Highlight Step by Step

How to Contour and Highlight Step by Step Contour and Highlight your face is very important. Now a days we are living in modern era. Competition is so high and we want to  look beautiful and good. Yes everyone want to look good from others. Makeup is very popular in girls and girls used it to look better. But sometimes makeup  made you ugly instead of beautiful. The reason behind this, is some girls don’t know how to apply makeup on their skin. They just pick the makeup and put it onto the skin. The question is How to Contour and Highlighting Step by Step.Contour and highlight is a makeup technique that makeup artist love it. They use this technique  is to create light and dark areas to sculpt and shape the face in a good way. You can read this Why Contour and Highlight is Important . Contouring is a best way to hide imperfection of your face. It is just like a magic.

Some people get confused between contour and highlight. The think both are same thing but it is not. Contouring is a technique to create shadow in those area that you don’t want to enhance and Highlighting is a technique to enhance area that you want to highlight.

How to Contour and Highlighting Step by Step

How to Contour and Highlight |Step by Step

Contour and highlight is a technique to enhance your born structure and hide imperfection.How to Contour and Highlight Step by Step?  First, thing you determine your face shape. Different people have different face shapes Contour and highlighting According to your face shape.


How to Contour and Highlighting Step by Step


After determining your face shape now you can do other steps. In next steps you need a

  • Foundation Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation or any other foundation.
  • Concealer You can review best concealers here.
  •  Contour and Highlighting kit. Different brands sell Different types of contour and highlighting kits but i prefer you Smashbox Contour Stick Trio.
  • Setting powder

This is how you can contour and Highlight your face Step by Step. Hope you all love it

How to Do it

This tutorial is very beneficial. It is Step by Step Contour and highlight tutorial.





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