How To Make Your High Heels Pain Free

How To Make Your High Heels Pain Free

How To Make Your High Heels Pain Free Girls love wearing High Heels either they are short or long. Wearing a Heel gives you more confident.Comfortable heels do exist but some heels are not comfortable in any way . We wear them because they are spectacular. Pain won’t stop us from  feeding our high heels obsession.

How To Make Your High Heels Pain Free

Every women have some of sexy heels that she wants to wear but some of them can not do this because they got pain in her toe ,ankle and the ball of feet.You can use some tricks to make your any type of shoes comfortable.

Here are 5 Tricks How To Make Your High Heels Pain Free solution is right here.

Trick # 1: Wear Socks 

  • If your shoes are too tight,try to wear a pair of socks in your sandals or shoes.
  • Do this at home couple of days
  • You can blow dry your shoes it will also stretched them.

Trick #2: Use Deodorant

  • Drop some amount of deodorant on you toe and heels.
  • This will reduce friction and make it everything comfortable.
  • You can also apply any kinda powder.

Trick # 3: Prevent Blister

  • Sometimes we have shoes that have really tight back straps this causes blisters.
  • To avoid blisters just before wearing shoes you can just apply bandage across your heel or any other area that you think is uncomfortable in your shoes.

Trick # 4: Keep Dry

  • Make sure your feet are completely dry when you put on your shoes otherwise it will be difficult to wear shoes.

Trick # 5: Use Silicon stickier 

  • Buy silicon stickier
  • They make the heel of the shoes and the ball of the shoes very comfortable

These all trick you can use to make your shoes comfortable.

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