natural way to care your hair Home Remedy

natural way to care your hair Home Remedy

Hair Care when you listen this What first thing comes into your mind ? I know Spas, Shampoo, Conditioners,Mask. But ever did you think What your hair really want? Your answer may be no or yes. But what your hair want I’ll share with you. Natural way to care your hair home remedy You can care your hair with some natural products and you know what natural way to care your hair will not damage your hair at all and it has no harmful chemical.

Natural Way to Care Your Hair Home Remedy

You have dull or damaged hairs and you want healthy and strong hair but you are worried to go to spas because their products may have dangerous chemicals that make your hair more dull and damaged . There are so many remedies that help you to care your hair at home and you will feel that you don’t need to go any salon.

Natural Way to Care Your Hair Home Remedy This remedy is totally safe because it is made by natural products. Natural products don’t have any harmful chemical and it is safe for all hair problems.

Hair Care Remedy 

This is a hair care remedy for damaged and hair growth that make your hair more healthy than ever! For this you just need a natural ingredients.

Ingredients require

  • Honey
  • Olive Oil
  • Natural Coconut Milk oil
  • Vitamin E gel capsules


Take a big bowl add 1 cup of coconut milk oil and add 3 tbsp of olive oil. If you have medium or short hair you can use 2 tbsp or even 1 tbsp of olive oil.Also add 2 tbsp of honey and mix them all well.At the end add 3 gel capsules into the bowel and mix it again.


You can either use hair dye brush for the application or a cotton pad. Apply this mask to those area of your hair that is damaged, it is mostly in the ends.Apply this mask from bottom to scalp and massage your scalp. This mask is for all your hair problems like fuzzy, damaged and for healthy growth.After applying the mask on you hair twist your hair and cover it with plastic

Leave it for an hour and washed it off with your conditioner and shampoo.


  1. Honey can actually condition and moisturizer plus it makes your hair shinier and softer.
  2. Olive oil can nourishment your hair and it also make your hair manageable. It also help your hair grow stronger.
  3.  Coconut milk contain lactic acid that stops hairs from breakage.
  4. Vitamin E promotes hair growth. It can repair dry and damaged hair. We can use it external and internally too.

This mask is for healthy for your hair. It gives a shine and make your hair stronger.Use this mask once in the week. Enjoy the silky smooth healthy hair  Natural way to Care your Hair Home Remedy. 



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