Skin brightening secrets|How to get clear skin

How to get bright skin? Are you looking for routine that makes you skin glowing and brighter then that is here.There are so many products that’s help you to get bright and glowing skin. The people want to get rid of sun damage because sun do the discoloration and they want to brighten their natural facial complexion to a healthy glow with one even healthy tone.

Skin brightening secrets|How to get clear skin

Here are some skin brightening secrets that helps you to get glowing and clear skin. Before sharing the secrets some important things you should know.

  • Drink lot of water
  • Don’t eat junk food
  • Apply sun cream before going out

Skin Care routine 

Here are some products that help you to get bright skin.

1. Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is very good for your skin. This is amazing , you can apply anywhere on your body; your hand your face , in fact on your complete skin . If you do Google review you can find loads of benefits about coconut oil. Use unrefined, cold press coconut oil.

2. Lemon

Skin brightening secrets|How to get clear skinOkay, this one has always been a crowd pleaser. Google the words, “natural skin care techniques,” and you won’t surely find an article that doesn’t contain lemon in it.

It turns out that the partnership between lemon and skin care ingredients date back to the ancient times.

In ancient Greece, women squeeze lemon juice on their hair and let the sun shine on them to help bring out the natural blonde hues. Fast forward to today, and you can also speed up the process of bringing out your hair’s natural color by adding salt water and sun to it. Aside from the hair, lemon has also been a staple natural skin care ingredient, which can help whiten the skin.

The good news is lemon can be bought anywhere, including your local grocery.


3. Pomegranate

Did you know that Persephone, Goddess of the Underworld, ate pomegranate seeds while trapped in Hades’ world? At least that was according to stories.

Skin brightening secrets|How to get clear skinGoing back to reality, pomegranate has been a favorite of many cosmetics manufacturers because of its vitamin C content and ability to increase the potency of sunscreen.

At the same time, pomegranate is hydrating, period. Since cell membranes get thinner over time, the antioxidants in pomegranate can help the cells in your body attract water. In return, it targets dryness, wrinkles, brown spots and sun damage that are visible on your skin.

The pomegranate fruit is available in grocery stores. There are a number of products, such as juice and even candies that contain this fruit, which can also be beneficial to your skin.

 4. Rooibos

Skin brightening secrets|How to get clear skinAfrica is truly a place of secrets. Aside from the African black soap, there is another beauty secret found in the mountains near Cape Town in South Africa. Say hello to Rooibos.

You might know Rooibos as a tea with many benefits. Did you know it is a common ingredient in many beauty and skincare products, too? This is because rooibos has anti-allergen and potent antioxidant properties that help minimize any skin allergies.

It helps other various skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema and rashes. At the same time, it protects your skin against free radicals and toxins to make sure it’s healthy.

In fact, the women of ancient Khoikhoi tribe grind this herb to achieve flawless complexions. What do you think? Not bad for a herb, right? It keeps your skin healthy, too.

 5. Rose Water

The Persians are one of the first elite cultures in the ancient world. Therefore, it won’t come as a surprise to find out how much they have contributed to today’s modern society.

Skin brightening secrets|How to get clear skinWhen it comes to beauty and skin care, they will always be known for their rose water.

Did you know that the rose is a symbol of beauty, healing and nourishment in Persian culture?

Rose water, which contains 10 to 50 percent rose oil, is an effective toner to soften your skin. At the same time, it hydrates, cleanses and packed with vitamins A and E that helps nourish your skin to keep it smooth and healthy.

There are many products that include rose water among its ingredients. If you want to go natural, replace your morning cleanser with rose water. Just dab it on your face to get rid of the residue from last night’s bedtime treatment. It also cleanses your skin without removing its natural oils to make sure it remains protected and well hydrated.



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