Why is contouring your face important

Why is contouring your face important Contouring is giving shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure through makeup,” . Contouring enhance the face feature .

Experts says that this is best makeup tricks that is not expensive,difficult or time consuming.One of the most important things about face contouring is the order you apply the products.

A lot of women can benefit from contouring when it is done in the right way and in the right places. Contouring is very important makeup technique that will alter your face features little bit.So now you knew what is contouring and why this is very important??????

Why is contouring your face important

Contouring is going so famous in these days. Popular makeup artist use these tricks to enhance the beauty of ladies.  Why is contouring your face important? Contouring can create shadows to those areas that you don’t want to enhance by creating shadows there. For shadows you should use contouring shades that is darker than your skin tone. Contouring is also used to enhance the features that you want to show. For highlighting the areas you should use lighter shade than your skin tone.


Contouring according to your face

Contouring will be done according to your face. First you should know your face shape. Here is a video tutorial that will help you to do contour according to your face shape.


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